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Organic Growth
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Are you frustrated with your website?
Slow-loading pages
No leads coming in
Poor mobile optimisation
Marketing agency breaking promises?

Choose an affordable website design agency dedicated to helping you get the results you need

Don't be frustrated! Use Green Website.
Super fast loading websites
Steady flow of leads
Optimised for mobile
No broken promises

Results Matter

Only the top 3% of websites convert their traffic into leads. Are you in the 3%?

Have the affordable website you need to grow your business.

Our goal in website design and SEO is simple. To get you more leads.
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Simple Steps To Work with Green Website

This can be overwhelming but we have streamlined our process to make it super simple.

Schedule a 'Discovery Call' and tell us about your business
We will create a custom brand strategy based on your long term goals.
Now the fun part. We take care of everything while you watch.
Time to show the world but we are still there to hold your hand.

The Last Website You will Need

We have years of design and know what should be on a website to generate more leads. See some of the key features below.

Lead Capture Forms
Lead Capture Forms
Integrate forms to connect quickly with visitors, helping to build your customer database.
Robust security protocols to protect your site and visitors' data from threats and vulnerabilities.
SEO Optimised
SEO Optimsed
Built to boost visibility on Google, Bing, and other search engines to attract more visitors.
Clear Call-To-Action
Clear Call-To-Actions
Our websites are made in a way that makes them unhackable.
Responsive Design
Responsive Design
Your site will automatically adjust to look perfect on any device, ensuring a seamless experience.
unlimited Pages
Unlimited Pages
Create as many pages or posts as needed to provide comprehensive information and attract traffic.
Super Fast Hosting
Super Fast Hosting
High-speed hosting solutions to ensure your site loads quickly, reducing bounce rates.
Hosted on green servers, reducing carbon footprint and promoting a sustainable digital presence.
Online Payment
Online Payments
You can take payments directly on your site with secure payment gateways.
Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration
Easily link your site to social networks to enhance your reach and interaction with users.
Integrated Analytics
Integrated Analytics
Track visitor behavior with integrated tools like Google Analytics for better marketing decisions.
Customisable Layouts
Customisable Layouts
Modern, adaptable designs that can be tailored to reflect your brand and enhance user engagement.

Don't waste money on a website that doesn't give you leads

Join hundreds of businesses and find out why they used Green Website today!

6 Reasons To Choose Green Website

We want to help you see the benefits of using us.

Experts in Websites
Our team of experts takes the lead in crafting a site that effectively brings business to you.
Ongoing Support
We want this to be the start of a long-term business relationship. We are friendly and want to help you grow. Any website request is important to us.
Never Need a New Website Again
Businesses on average need a new website every 2 years. Don't spend thousands again on a new website, but rather take advantage of our FREE refresh for your website after 24 months.
Money Back Guarantee
If you don't love it, you don't pay. What have you got to lose? We have been doing this for a long time and are confident you will love your new website.
Eco-Friendly Impact
Join our mission to reduce digital carbon footprints with every eco-conscious website we build. We are part of an initiative to create 3000. Your website could be next?
Full-Service Management
Leave the technical details to us; we handle all aspects of your website's management and updates, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Eco-Friendly Approach To Web Design

We love the earth. It's a beautiful place to live. Let's keep it that way.

Let's make the web greener, together.

Did you know the internet accounts for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions?

The total emissions from all air travel is 2-3%. So the internet is a BIG pollutant than flying.

Crazy hey?

We are on a mission to educate and help people to be aware that their online digital presence is affecting the earth. 

More people need to be aware of the impact the internet is having. Start today with an eco-friendly website.


Client Success Stories

Hear from many of the business owners we have helped just like you.

Nic has listened and designed the website we needed for our business. We have loved working along with him and recommend him to all our friends who have businesses.

Orb Window Repair
Nicky and Stu
Orb Window Repair

We needed a website that brought in leads for us and this is exactly what Nic achieved.

Local Plumber

Nic is a pleasure to work with. Excellent communication and an eye to detail.

Window Cleaner

Nic has helped me enormously with my website and branding, he has provided really helpful ideas and ways to increase my presence online. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Baby Feeding Hub

One website at a time....

A boy on a beach, surrounded by thousands of stranded starfish, throws them back, one by one. An old man asks, "Why bother? There's too many to make a difference."

The boy picks up another, tosses it into the sea, and simply says, "It made a difference to that one."

We can make a difference, one website at a time.

Join us on this remarkable journey. Schedule a Discovery Call and find out how we can work together.

Green Website Digital transformed my online presence, boosting my client base significantly.

Meet Our Team of Dedicated Experts

We are Nic and Emily, a husband and wife team running Green Website. Together, we blend our passion for lead-generating websites with a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Nic Young | Green Website
  • Loves the sun
  • Watches football
  • Goes on long walks
Emily Young | Green Website
  • Loves the sun more
  • Doesn't love football
  • Homeschools our twins
What You Get By Working With Us

Our job is to help you get more leads which will bring in more money but also save you money. Our pricing structure is designed to help you budget and plan for your business.

Most Web Agencies
Green Website
Upfront Website Cost
Minimum Spend is £8,000
Starting at £1,500
Ongoing Website Support
Average £100/hour
Starting at £150/month
Super Fast Green Cloud Hosting
£35 - £80/month
Website Maintenance and Backups
Upfront Website Cost
Minimum Spend is £8,000
Starting at £1,500
Dedicate Website Support
Money Back Guarantee
Free 24 Month Refresh
Delivery Time Guarantee
Upfront Website Cost

What's stopping you?

Schedule a discovery call, we can't wait to help grow your business.

Schedule a Discovery Call

Discovery Call
In your Discovery call we will:
  • Talk about the problems your facing
  • Find a way to overcome them
  • Show you how we can do that
  • Be upfront about our pricing
  • Answer your questions
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